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The BMVC program at UBC, the first of its kind on the west coast of North America, is the result of a dedicated and diverse team of designers, anatomists, educators, and changemakers. Driven by a collective passion for art, science, communication, knowledge translation, and making a positive impact, the program aims to bridge gaps in science communication, promote inclusivity and equity in biomedical resources, and help students merge their interests into a meaningful career. Inspired by esteemed masters programs in biomedical visualization and communication, BMVC adopts a human-centered, empathetic, and team-based collaborative approach. Currently in its third cohort, BMVC is making waves in the field.

My role in the creation of BMVC:

As one of the co-creators of this program, I played a pivotal role in spearheading the development of the Foundations course curriculum. The creation process involved the following steps:

  • Identifying necessary skills: We carefully identified the fundamental skills required for effective scientific communication and visualizations. This encompassed design and art fundamentals, active listening, research techniques, storytelling, and a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its key players.

  • Addressing industry and BMVC education gaps: Recognizing the need for equity, diversity, inclusivity, and multiple perspectives in the industry, we actively identified gaps and sought to incorporate new ways of knowing into the curriculum.

  • Collaborative review and iteration: Our dedicated team engaged in numerous meetings during the pandemic to review and iterate on the curriculum. This process allowed us to refine and enhance the content continually.

  • Designing comprehensive and engaging classes: We designed classes and assignments that not only covered a wide range of topics but also embraced students' unique interests and personalities. This approach encouraged creativity and fostered a playful learning environment.

  • Emphasizing playfulness: At every step of the way, we encouraged playfulness, recognizing its importance in sparking innovation and creativity among students.



Getting the team to believe in and teach with Miro!

Secret Weapon:



Current Involvement:

Within the Foundations course, I actively instruct students, leading workshops on foundational techniques and providing mentorship for program assignments, passion projects, and portfolio creation. Being part of the BMVC program has been an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience.


Future Plans:

Building on the success of BMVC, our team is currently working on developing a full two-year, in-person master's program. Exciting developments are underway, so stay tuned!

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