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Visualizing Chronic Pelvic Pain
in people with uteruses

In 2017, I teamed up with Dr. Jessica Shepherd during my time as a master's student at UIC. It all started with a poster I made for my 3D modeling class. The poster focused on the uterus and where endometriosis can spread. I had to dive into studying and calculating the size and proportions of the uterus, uterine tubes, and ovaries.


Looking back, I wish I had done more research on the different sizes and shapes of uteruses in people with diverse body types and ethnicities. Most of the data I found for my calculations was likely collected from white, cisgender women, so it would've been interesting to explore how uterus shapes and sizes vary across different populations.

By chance, I crossed paths with Dr. Shepherd and we hit it off. Dr. Shepherd is an OB/GYN and Media Health Expert and when she discovered that biomedical visualization was a real profession and skill, she jumped at the idea to collaborate with me on an interactive app. We wanted to create a resource called ENDOinteractive, which would include the 3D model I made. The goal was to empower patients to discuss, visualize, and document their pelvic pain with their healthcare providers.

In my final semester at UIC, I took on an independent study to craft the user interface (UI) for ENDOinteractive. It was all about designing an interface that would be easy to use and provide a seamless experience for patients. The project ended there as projects often do and I will always remember it as my first go at UX, UI, and an overall fun experience!

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