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Blastula is a heartwarming story that takes place in the human body, specifically Joni's body. Joni has been through a hard time, and her immune system suspects that rebellious cells have something to do with it. All cells are required to keep their heads down and do their job as they were designed to do, but two cells, a young red blood cell and an embryonic stem cell, can't seem to get in line.​I've had the idea for Blastula since summer 2016. Initially, I thought it would make a great Broadway musical, but ultimately, I wanted it to be a fun and heartwarming graphic novel set in the human body. I completed the script in summer 2021 and slowly began building sketches and illustrations to bring it to life.​As much as I would love to publish Blastula as a physical graphic novel that I can hold in my hands, creating it as a Webtoon works best with my lifestyle and goals of making this comic accessible to others. I plan to begin publishing my first few episodes to Webtoons in the upcoming months.​I hope you enjoy Blastula, and I'm open to feedback and discussions!

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